Engaging with us


Ad-hoc Services

Clients often engage us on an ad-hoc basis. That is to say that as a need arises we receive contact, take a brief, design and deliver a solution, and then perform a debrief. We at Shadow Consulting possess a number of methodologies developed over the years that streamline this process without mitigating quality in recognition of our clients’ time poor status.

Retained Services

There is a ground swell of demand amongst clients for the fullest possible return on investment in psychometric assessments. Many clients are no longer content with the snapshot taken at selection time (albeit a high-resolution snapshot when conducted by Shadow Consulting). Clients want to see a high-resolution video extending well into the employee’s organisational tenure. Clients see significant value in using the same psychometric information gained during selection of new staff to deliver further insights that refine the efficiency of the on-boarding of these staff, accurately focuses their professional development as well as understand, manage, and leverage their impact on team dynamics. Shadow Consulting can bring this all together within a retained plus cost contract arrangement. This is a cost-effective solution that provides the stability that enables Shadow Consulting to provide the video that many clients are now seeking.


True to our values Shadow Consulting works best by referral.
If you love what we do, then let others know. When we engage with prospective clients we seek to meet them face to face either in person or on skype. We pick up the telephone and call or we engage over a coffee.