Why Psychometrics

In a knowledge economy, the companies with the best talent win. Identifying, nurturing, and developing that talent is essential to business performance and bottom-line delivery... and to a happy, productive company culture going forward.
Psychometric assessment is a proven method of delivering essential insights into the qualities and traits of potential and existing employees. It comprises a wide range of tools designed to measure an individual’s aptitude, personality characteristics, values and motivations. 

These instruments have been rigorously developed and are conducted in a highly standardised manner to ensure the results are consistent.

The Tools We Use

Our extensive range of assessment tools not only embraces some of the more frequently used solutions from suppliers such as HOGAN, SHL, OPRA, SAVILLE but also others that may not be so familiar. This non-partisan approach enables us to accommodate your particular organisational needs. 

Presently, we have access to, and use more than: 

  • twenty personality questionnaires from 10 test publishers

  • 120 aptitude tests from 30 test publishers

  • ten 360° assessments from eight test publishers

  • various skills tests (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc)